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Many owners will pay great attention to the decoration style when decorating their homes, but the entry door is a link that is easy to be ignored in the decoration process, but this is also a very important link

many owners will pay great attention to the decoration style when decorating their homes, and the entrance door is a link that is easy to be ignored in the decoration process, but it is also a very important link. There is a good door that can be "closed by one man and closed by ten thousand men", so that life has no worries at home. Stainless steel anti-theft doors are often used as entry doors because of their strong anti-theft performance. Then, how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel anti-theft doors? Sheng Wang Xiaobian will help you

1. Grade standard: the security level of anti-theft door can be divided into class A, class B and class C, of which class C has the highest anti-theft performance, class B is the second, and class A is the lowest. Most of the security doors we see in the building materials market are class a security doors, which are more suitable for ordinary families

2. Check the filler: the standard filler now is foaming agent, which can keep heat and sound insulation. The disadvantage is that the fire prevention performance is poor, but there is no problem to achieve the anti-theft effect. The better one is slag cotton. When buying, ask the manufacturer to indicate what kind of filler to use. When installing the stainless steel anti-theft door, you can generally screw the cat's eye off the door to see what is inside. If some cat's eyes have been fixed and can't be screwed off, you can look at them when installing the door lock. If you find that the filler is wrong, you can discuss with the manufacturer based on this

in addition, you can also check whether there is an anti-theft keel lining in the stainless steel anti-theft door. The anti-theft keel generally has two types: grid shaped and S-shaped. S-shaped saves materials, but it is not as strong as grid shaped. If there is no anti-theft keel inside, the anti-theft performance will be greatly reduced

3. Check the steel plate: Although the anti-theft door is made of steel plate on the surface, the steel plates used by different manufacturers are also different. The state stipulates that the thickness of the steel plate of the stainless steel anti-theft door should reach 1mm, but the thickness of the anti-theft door made by some small workshops can't reach at all, and some are only 0.4mm. The thin plate loses the meaning of anti-theft, and it can be opened with a pry

and the steel plate of stainless steel anti-theft door should be cold-rolled. Cold rolled sheet has good extensibility and toughness, but the price is relatively expensive. Therefore, some manufacturers use hot-rolled sheet to replace it in order to save costs. A simple way to identify stainless steel security doors is to knock on the door plate with your hand. The sound sounds solid, indicating that the steel plate is thick enough and the filler is solid. If the sound sounds "poof poof", it means that the steel plate is not thick enough

4. Good locks don't depend on the number of lock points: many sellers of stainless steel anti-theft doors say that they have many anti-theft lock points when selling, but in fact, this is just a cover to attract customers. A really good lock is not that the more lock points, the better. There is no essential difference between four lock points and 10 or 20. No matter how many lock points there are, the center is on the lock cylinder. If the lock cylinder is broken, no matter how many lock points there are, it is useless. The anti-theft door with qualified lock generally adopts three-dimensional lock. Not only the door lock is locked, but also the upper and lower crossbars can be inserted and locked to fix the door

5. Process quality: special attention should be paid to check whether there are welding defects, such as open welding, no welding, missing welding, slag inclusion and so on. Check whether the door leaf fits tightly with the door frame, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, whether all joints are dense, whether the paint plating is uniform, firm and smooth, etc. The high-quality anti-theft doors are embedded with rubber sealing strips on the door frame, so there will be no harsh metal collision sound when closing the door

6. Beware of the trap of renovated doors: when buying anti-theft doors, you should also avoid the trap of renovated doors. Some small stores selling anti-theft doors on the street will recycle some old anti-theft doors, and then sell them after renovation. You can observe the turnkey process

generally, the packaging of the new anti-theft door is intact. The installer packs it in front of the customer. The key is in the packaging, and the packaging of the key is also complete. Install the lock core in front of the customer, and then give the key to the customer. If the package of the door itself is damaged, and the key is in the worker's pocket, it may be a renovation of the door

consumers should buy anti-theft doors from regular manufacturers of anti-theft doors or home building materials City, because the sales of anti-theft doors by regular manufacturers and building materials city must be approved by the special administrative department of the Public Security Bureau, and the building materials city generally requires the merchants stationed to provide relevant certificates for the sales of anti-theft doors. In addition, you should also check the production registration approval, quality verification certificate, inspection report, fire prevention inspection report, sealing test report, etc

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