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Elong Italian lacquerless door adopts advanced manufacturing technology and selects high-quality imported raw materials to develop paint free materials, which have the advantages of collision resistance, non spontaneous combustion, moth resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion prevention, good maintenance and so on

the real classic design is never influenced by style

from luxurious publicity to simple enjoyment of life

Italian lacquerless door, just want to give you pure touch

Chongqing Wanzhou dealers took the lead in putting samples on the storefront after the new lacquerless door was launched. In the sales process of lacquerless door, President Chen shared that the product design of lacquerless door continued the design theme of taking environmental protection as the initial intention, and combined fashion with it, which was extremely eye-catching, so samples were put on immediately when the new product was launched

The Italian lacquerless door series of Austria and Munich have an excellent response in the market terminal. The style, color and style positioning are in line with the modern sense of fashion. They are simple, light and luxurious, and can be controlled at will in northern Europe. The colors and textures are realistic, and there will be no problems of color difference and texture inconsistency

summarize the following points

1. It has log texture and a variety of color changes, which is more modern and personalized

2. The surface of the product is smooth and bright, paint free, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, full score of environmental protection performance, completely pollution-free

3. The paint free material developed by using advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality imported raw materials has the advantages of impact resistance, non spontaneous combustion, insect resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion prevention, good maintenance, etc

4. The style abandons complex lines and gorgeous decorations. Simple things often bring more enjoyment and return to nature, about so

5. The raw wood door adopts natural solid wood veneer. Because the texture of each tree is inconsistent, the color and texture of the solid wood veneer will be different. Lacquerless wood doors will not have the problem of color difference and inconsistent texture





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