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Big houses, big landing windows and sunny floors constitute a happy life full of sunshine

want a big house

there are big landing windows

the sun shines on the floor

and warms my quilt


the magnetic song sings the wishes of many people. The big house, big landing windows, and sunny floor constitute a happy life full of sunshine

a floor to ceiling window, which broadens our line of sight, leads us to enjoy the sunshine, appreciate the vastness of the starry sky, experience the prosperity of the city, and overlook the charming scenery. Install Xinhaoxuan doors and windows to create a quiet and comfortable indoor environment. No matter how luxurious the mansion is, it will make your home full of leisure life

Mr. Jiang Xun, a famous painter and poet in Taiwan, China, once said that people who have been in a narrow space for too long and too familiar will lose his sensitivity and passion for work and life

the study found that people who work or live near windows or skylights tend to have less negative emotions, and are more likely to improve their concentration and feel happy. This is probably the reason why modern people like to install floor to ceiling windows in their houses: through transparent floor to ceiling windows, they can broaden their horizons, increase indoor lighting, and enhance their enthusiasm for life and creativity

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows, adhering to the architectural design concept of "less is more", are made of aluminum alloy profiles with multi cavity structure combined with automobile grade double-layer hollow tempered glass, with simple design and smooth lines, which can meet the design of multi angle corners, present the "large screen" of doors and windows, inject skylight and cloud shadow into the interior, and strongly foil the characteristics of the residence, making the perfect integration of indoor and outdoor beauty

silencing and noise reduction, heat insulation, quiet and natural cooling

many people may wonder whether installing large floor to ceiling windows at home and irradiating in the strong sunlight all day, especially in hot summer, will the indoor be like an outdoor oven, which makes people dare not stay for a long time

with Xinhaoxuan doors and windows, the above problems can be solved! Xinhaoxuan doors and windows can be customized for you. According to your needs, we provide a customized door and window scheme of "noise reduction + thermal insulation + energy conservation and environmental protection"

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows adopt aluminum alloy profiles with multi cavity structure. The outer watertight cavity, the middle watertight cavity, and the inner airtight cavity. All heat insulation strips, isobaric rubber strips, and hollow warm edging are designed on the same vertical line. You can choose Low-E glass, which not only greatly reduces noise transmission, but also reduces heat transmission, creating a quiet, comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer livable environment for the interior

perfect drainage system, fearless of wind and rain

there is a sentence in Xi Murong's poem: you are already graceful, fearless of wind and rain. It is most suitable to evaluate Xinhaoxuan doors and windows

it adopts automobile grade tempered glass and aviation grade silicon titanium magnesium aluminum alloy profiles, and the German system window pin glue injection process is used for the connection of frame and leaf corners and mullions to ensure the structural strength and stability of doors and windows. It is not afraid of the storm and rain on the platform, and thieves can't easily break through the window, giving you the sense of security you want

in addition, the perfect drainage system, the application of sealing and waterproof technology combined with dredging and blocking and hidden drainage technology ensure that door and window products remain calm even in the stormy climate




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