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"Rules" of decoration DIY

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reserve capital space

after determining the total cost, usually the cost of selecting materials will increase, and it is very necessary to leave a certain amount of standby capital

if the funds are temporarily insufficient, you can complete “ Hardware ” Part of the assembly, that is, to complete the transformation of the space structure first, such as the embedding of the roof, wall, floor, door, window, air conditioning and lighting, telephone, television lines, the construction of kitchen and toilet pipes, ventilation, partition screen and other basic elements, “ Software ” That is, the late accessories can be completed step by step

the main line runs through the overall situation

the common mistake of doing it yourself is that family members learn from the advantages of many different styles and “ Stack ” In a set of rooms, the decoration without the main line appears disorderly

before decoration, the size of the spatial pattern and the distribution of activity routes should be clear, and the planning principle of "from surface to line and then point" should be followed. The overall style should be determined first, and this style should be used as a basis to narrow the scope of decoration

external factors cannot be ignored

decoration construction should generally be carried out in spring and autumn, sunny and rainy weather. The temperature is too low, and the wet operation of the decoration project, such as plastering and floor tile laying, is not easy to operate. The moisture in the mortar will freeze, and the bonding force and strength of the frozen mortar will be reduced, affecting the project quality; If the temperature is too high, the water is easy to evaporate, and the mortar strength will be reduced, cracks will appear, etc

material selection should be reasonable

high end products and favorite single materials cannot make a perfect home. For example, although mirrors have the effect of expanding space and decoration, if handled improperly, they will also bring visual confusion and contrast. The collocation of materials should focus on the largest color block in the home, and connect all spaces in the order of floor, wall, curtain, sofa and decorations

don't reverse the process

the process summarized by the decoration workers in practice, first of all, the bricklayer should deal with the base course, clean the top, wall, ground, top and wall bottoming, and at the same time, carry out the transformation and installation of electricity, water and lines

after the base treatment, the ceiling. After that, joinery decoration began, such as wood heating covers, door and window covers, wood wainscots, etc. When the joinery decoration structure is completed and has been painted with a coat of finish paint for protection, the wall and top finishes begin to be painted and pasted (if the paint is painted first, the wood chips and dust flying from the woodworking site will pollute the wall surface). Electrical installation holes and lines shall be reserved during wall decoration

after the wall construction is completed, the floor, stone, ceramic floor tiles and skirting boards shall be paved, and then the floor decoration and maintenance shall be carried out. After the expiration of the ground maintenance period, the painting and finishing of joinery decoration shall be carried out





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