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Rongshida smart door lock brand introduction and decoration strategy

Rongshida smart door lock does not need gorgeous advertising and excessive decoration. Rongshida smart door lock only needs real quality assurance. The company has strong strength and high scientific and technological content of products. It has an important impact on the smart door lock market. The following small series will introduce you to Rongshida smart door lock

Rongshida smart door lock takes quality as the core. Unlike other brand products such as mobile phone lock and fingerprint lock, it only processes and assembles oneortwo products. Rongshida intelligent door lock tenon has developed fingerprint locks for gates, burglar proof doors, children's doors, double door villas, master rooms, children's rooms, business offices, hotel rooms and real estate projects

Rongshida smart door lock is a fingerprint lock with stable quality and long service life. The key question is whether the fingerprint lock is produced by a standardized electronic product manufacturer, and the workshop is dust-free. The technical threshold of fingerprint lock determines this. Fingerprint lock is a high-precision high-tech product. Most of the products are processed and assembled, and the hardware and machinery conversion can not meet the process and technology required by the fingerprint lock. How about quality stability and service life? Rongshida intelligent door lock is based on quality and has invested a lot of human and material resources

after about 30 years of precipitation, it has established a standardized, professional and large-scale modern dust-free workshop technology R & D and production base, with a fully automatic SMT fingerprint lock electronic module patch dust-free workshop, a dust-free production workshop that meets the accuracy standard, and a standardized fingerprint lock industry quality control and R & D system, which ensures the high accuracy requirements of fingerprint locks and the quality assurance that each fingerprint lock can meet after leaving the factory

Rongshida smart door lock integrates security and intelligence

since its establishment, Rongshida intelligent door lock has adhered to the principle of customer-centric, with an innovative system, from a research institute with only a few people to a service manufacturer with a certain scale, which has promoted the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise. With "security" and "intelligence" as the core business areas, Rongshida intelligent door lock has successfully built a new high-tech industrial chain from scheme design to product R & D and operation services by providing solutions, products and services that satisfy customers

Rongshida smart door lock is a well-known domestic brand smart door lock, which is a real security lock integrating safety and intelligence. Rongshida smart door lock has excellent quality and occupies a large proportion in the smart door lock market. Star smart door lock has relatively perfect function and reliable quality. Using fingerprint to unlock is the concrete embodiment of technological innovation. I believe Rongshida smart door lock will satisfy you





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