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Recently, with the official launch of Ruyi Zhuan, the confrontation between the two major palace female dramas in 2018 has finally kicked off

Yanxi introduction is in the ascendant. Although the first episode of Ruyi biography has a poor reputation, the momentum of catching up from behind is still on, and the game between palace dramas has made the audience in front of the screen very lively

different from the low saturation hue of Yan Xi Raiders, Ruyi Zhuan, which claims a production cost of 150million, is significantly different in color, more rich and thick. They love each other and have their own advantages in color

light and elegant colors

long taste is also soothing

the introduction to the Jubilee has a calm and soothing beauty of elegance. All the colors in the play seem to be covered with a thin layer of gray, but there is no lack of high-level sense. Those seemingly gray middle tones are the beauty quietly released by traditional Chinese colors, and have the power to attack the soul directly

thick and gorgeous color

classic taste also publicizes the use of color in Ruyi biography. Under the value of famous actors + famous works, the color display is also extremely luxurious, and the thick color shows the classic taste of the imperial city at its peak. Of course, some people like it, and some people roast. They love it, and they are optimistic about it


Haomai always adheres to the color matching of two different styles, both of which have their own charm. Haomai designers' pondering and control over color have also remained unchanged for 30 years. We integrate the colors that are currently attracting much attention into the creation of classic home space, and rediscover the style and significance of wooden door + decoration customization

taste elegant space

it is the classic of color that creates a bold and elegant space

thick but not vulgar, revealing a low-key and luxurious home texture. With the characteristics of elegance, warmth and style beauty, it neutralizes the cold temperament of the overall space, and shows the residents' longing for a quiet, self-contained, soothing and simple life

engrave the beauty of classics

in the application of color, the light and heavy are just right, making the originally gloomy space fresh

the wandering lines seem to tell the traces of years, which carry the classic memory and precipitate the beauty of time. Minus the complexity of life, full of spiritual pleasure, as if to open this door, life is peaceful and pure

focus on doing a good job in wooden doors

create heroic taste


everyone has a home dream

Haomai also has a dream

that is to bring comfortable and environmentally-friendly





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