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New Zhongxin: build a new campus ecosystem at the speed of IBM

Harbin new Zhongxin Group Harbin new Zhongxin group has made some explorations in cloud computing in recent years, including planning for the future basic cloud platform, and cooperation and innovation with IBM in cloud business

new Zhongxin has a history of 27 years. The business division of the group covers fields such as smart campus, intelligent transportation, service outsourcing, etc. In various fields, Zhongxin has also made some achievements in replacing oil pipes with higher strength. For example, we are the leader of Campus All-in-one Card, and have entered the field of e-police in small and medium-sized cities very early; In addition, it also ranks among the top 50 in China's service outsourcing industry

as early as the 1990s, xinzhongxin saw the market opportunity of Campus All-in-one Card from the canteen card, and then became the industry leader. In 2003, the number of users, including all industries, exceeded 7000, and more than 100million cards were issued. The industries include universities, enterprises and institutions, finance and aviation. Since then, with the evolution of the technical architecture, xinzhongxin has launched the one card platform that cancels the corresponding output of SOA and positions it as an interrupt hammer, and entered the cloud in 2015

at present, new China new group has 18 subsidiaries, more than 1000 partners, 1000 University customers of color masterbatches they produce, and 10million students. International companies, including five major banks, four major operators and IBM, have also become partners of new China and New Zealand

Zhong Xin, chief expert of cloud technology of Harbin new Zhongxin group

building an ecosystem based on the three modernizations strategy

the core revenue source of new Zhongxin is the smart campus. For new China and New Zealand, traditional advantageous fields are providing new opportunities for new China and New Zealand. By taking into account the financial payment system of third parties and banks, and with the help of the new generation of all-in-one card app, xinzhongxin has built a new all-in-one card cloud platform. On this platform, the corresponding business management of the school and the surrounding partners can operate based on this. In addition, based on the student data, we have seen the space for deriving business models. In the future, new Zhongxin will also explore new business models around the campus

with the implementation of the strategic deployment of new China and New Zealand, that is, in the strategic transformation from a solution provider to a platform operator, we will follow the three strategies, namely, technology cloud, service finance and operation capitalization. With the east wind of computing, big data, mobile Internet, IOT and intelligent terminals, we will combine traditional it+ Internet and establish a business model based on electronic payment/authentication

under this mode, the internal bank is built as a cloud system, creating a high-frequency portal app through the school's m-end administrative steel demand and internal payment system, and forming a cooperative and shared business ecosystem through interconnected big data

in connection with the banking sector, the new China Singapore Association will gather professional applications through the app to expand the business opportunities of the school, including learning, life, sports, financial management, job hunting, social networking, entrepreneurship, etc. For large school customers, the new China Singapore Association adopts a mixed operation mode; For primary and secondary school customers, they can directly access our cloud platform

take advantage of IBM's innovation speed

of course, all these business models need to be supported by a basic cloud platform. Now we have built our own data center in Yizhuang, and on the IAAs layer, we use IBM PMC. On this basis, we hope to build an open PAAS platform, and finally let users participate in the design of applications, including schools, students, ISVs, etc., so as to build some new software or business models. These software or business models are based on the cloud. Developers can use this payment and authentication system to achieve more business innovation

in the construction of IAAs platform, the modular architecture of IBM PMC makes us feel the speed of IBM innovation. In fact, many IBM R & D center engineers will work with us to operate this cloud platform, which can quickly feed back many demands to the product development that IBM should take double samples for experiments

ibm PMC service provider cloud computing platform scheme is designed and built based on IBM smartcloud technology framework and CCRA. It provides us with powerful customer management, agent management, contract management and computing business management functions. A significant advantage is that it is built on the open architecture of IBM cloud Manager (ICM) based on openstack and can support hundreds of thousands of virtual machine expansion capabilities

based on the above cooperation contents, in the future, new China and New Zealand will carry out in-depth cooperation at all levels of the cloud. For example, Watson, an IBM System Based on cognitive computing, is also expected to carry out in-depth cooperation in the future

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