The hottest new data acquisition products pass EMC

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New data collection products have passed EMC electromagnetic compatibility and ROHS environmental protection certification

Shunyuan technology was established in September, 2002. It is a "Shenzhen high tech enterprise" recognized by Shenzhen Science, technology and Information Bureau in 2007 and a "national high tech enterprise" recognized by Shenzhen Science, technology, industry, trade and information Commission in 2011. The company adheres to the business tenet of "quality first, reputation first". After ten years of development and innovation, the company integrates brand, contacts, reputation, quality and the support of the government. 3. Extensometer classification extensometer is the sensor user who feels the deformation of the test piece. Subsequently, it has become a special analog hybrid integrated circuit for industrial informatization, automation and intelligent industries at home and abroad that integrates production, R & D and sales, and has a moderate scale and complete range On September 11, Moldex3D, the global leader in plastic mold flow analysis software, announced that it was one of the manufacturers of electronic information products such as Moldex3D digimat RP (reinforced plastics) data collector

since its establishment, Shunyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on high-end technology application research and development of DC-DC power module, analog signal isolation amplifier and data acquisition products. The products are matched with the high-tech key electronic components in emerging industries such as rail transit, military equipment, national power transformation, wind and solar power generation, electric vehicles, etc., which are currently the focus of national development. The technical design conforms to international standards, and has obtained more than 10 national patents and software copyrights. It can meet the working conditions in harsh environments such as industrial high and low temperature, vibration, humidity and EMC interference. In power, communication, instrumentation Medical equipment, intelligent industrial control, automotive electronics, security, military and other industries have been widely used

production and operation management:

in August 2007, it passed ISO9001:2000 international standard quality management system certification

in September, 2012, it passed ISO9001:2008 international standard quality management system certification

in terms of product technology:

in September 2007, the product passed the inspection of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, and all technical indicators met the design and application standards

dc-dc power module product series

in february2004, the first batch of new products passed EMC test and obtained CE certification. In January2006, the second batch of products passed CE certification

in November, 2005, all products passed ROHS lead-free environmental protection certification

isolation amplifier product series:

in January, 2006, the product passed EMC test and CE certification. In November, 2005, the product passed ROHS lead-free environmental certification

data acquisition product series:

20 let the testing machine stretch the standard tensile sample at the speed specified in gb/t228 ⑵ 002 standard. In October of 2012, it passed the EMC test and obtained the CE certification. In August of 2012, it passed the RoHS lead-free environmental protection certification

ce certification (click to view the large picture)

rohs certification (click to view the large picture)

reference for analog signal data acquisition, isolation, amplification, converter product appearance and installation mode

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