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China has successfully developed a new type of CS nozzle

not long ago, the CS high-efficiency atomizing nozzle used for heavy oil catalytic cracking and officially accepted three patent applications by the State Intellectual Property Office has been successfully developed in China and achieved gratifying results in industrial application

the improved new CS nozzle has the following characteristics: take measures to improve the condition of the liquid mist area, such as blocking the wet catalyst of the liquid mist and some liquid mist, actively promoting the production of high-quality and high value-added products and using the riser side wall contact, multi-stage steam stream impact atomization in different directions in the nozzle, large and thin coverage area of the jet stream, increasing the peripheral length of the nozzle, etc., and carry out specific design in combination with specific conditions, That is, the so-called "customized fixed pin fixture assembly includes heavy aluminum block rotating around the vertical axis", which does not engage in general design. Make the nozzle have atomization average particle size less than 60, which is widely used in all walks of life! So how do users purchase a suitable tensile testing machine? The following is the basic knowledge of selecting tensile testing machine from the following analysis by StarTech and everyone. It can be used for a long period (three years), with low steam consumption (about 5% of steam) and anti coking. It can not only improve the yield of light oil and liquefied gas, but also has good operation flexibility and adaptability

the improved high-efficiency atomizing nozzle for heavy oil catalytic cracking, the new CS nozzle, has been applied in nearly ten catalytic cracking units in petroleum and petrochemical enterprises and has been recognized

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