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In 2009, a new period for the development of the plastic machinery industry

it is said that the financial crisis is a crisis of both challenges and opportunities. It is said that 2009 is destined to be a difficult year. After the extraordinary experience of 2008, what new period of development will the plastic machinery industry usher in in in 2009, China's traditional ox year? It is predicted that China's plastic machinery industry will usher in a new period of development as the petroleum and chemical industry will continue to grow rapidly during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. In order to adapt to the new changes in the demand of petroleum and chemical industries, China's plastic machinery industry is undergoing a new round of strategic transformation from quantitative expansion to qualitative improvement

China's plastic processing industry has huge development potential with its own special advantages, opening up a broad space for the rapid growth of the injection molding machine industry. At present, 83% of the plastic processing products are injection molded. In recent years, the increasing demand for injection products in automobile, construction, household appliances, food, medicine and other industries has promoted the development and improvement of injection molding technology. ① new windows operating interface:. About 70% of China's plastic machinery is injection molding machine. From the perspective of major producing countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and Canada, the output of injection molding machines is increasing year by year, accounting for the largest proportion in plastic machinery

it can be predicted from the development of injection molding machine that there is great potential for plastic machine accessories. With the development of injection molding machines and the continuous expansion of the international market, it has brought a larger market and more business opportunities to the market of plastic machine auxiliary equipment and peripheral equipment. In the past, most Chinese customers only focused on the investment in processing equipment and chose relatively cheap auxiliary equipment and peripheral equipment. With the rapid development of the automobile, mobile, electronic and electrical appliances, food and beverage packaging, plastic building materials and other markets, in order to meet the demand of the terminal market for high-quality plastic products, the supporting plastic product processors began to select high-grade auxiliary equipment to cooperate with the production of

the past 2008 is also a year that China's plastic machinery industry will never forget. During this year, the national plastic machine industry, especially the injection molding machine industry, experienced an unprecedented severe test. Since the production of the first 60g injection molding machine in Shanghai in 1958, China's plastics machinery industry has gone through a process of growing from nothing, from small to large, and gradually becoming stronger with the steps of the Republic of China. It has achieved leapfrog development and made great achievements that have attracted the attention of the world. At present, China's plastic machinery industry has developed into an equipment industry with complete categories, complete systems, strong product supporting capacity and considerable international competitiveness. It has become a real plastic machinery manufacturing and export country, and plays an important role in the world's plastic machinery industry

2009 is an important year for China's plastic machinery industry to cope with risks and challenges, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and move towards the creation of plastic machinery in terms of theoretical analysis and design calculation of medium components. Intellectualization will be the development direction of plastic machinery, and the development of independent innovation ability will also be an important topic for plastic machinery enterprises. With the further maturity of the plastic products processing industry, it also puts forward higher and higher requirements for the plastic machinery industry. Experts predict that intellectualization will become a new direction of plastic machine development. In recent years, domestic specialized production has developed rapidly. Components such as feeding device, screw, barrel, reducer and quick change device can be produced by themselves. At the same time, the supply period has been shortened to months, about 1/3 of the past time. In addition, the product varieties are diversified, such as various injection molding machines, extruders and blow molding machines. Especially for injection molding machines, large and super large products have come out one after another. Experts pointed out that high-precision plastic machine is the research and development goal. More electronic technology and networking technology should be integrated. Machinery that can realize automatic control will become the protagonist in the future market

under the premise of the international financial crisis and energy conservation, China's plastic machinery has gradually turned to the specialization of mechanical equipment that can produce lightweight, resource-saving, energy-saving and renewable products. In the face of the financial crisis on the composite machine, the current plastic machine market is a bit chaotic "price war", which has exposed the shortcomings of the plastic machine market in management to a certain extent. In terms of management, relevant parties also said that the precision standards and testing standards for plastic machinery should be issued as soon as possible, which plays a decisive role in standardizing the plastic machinery market in which many plastic machinery enterprises have joined the "price war", and is of great significance in creating an economic manufacturing, fair and orderly competitive market environment and promoting the continuous progress of plastic machinery technology! At this time of financial crisis, the plastic machinery industry should make more active efforts on the basis of existing development, strive to continuously narrow the gap with the international advanced plastic machinery, and become a powerful country in the plastic machinery industry

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