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Xinhua Sany has won the title of "four clouds" in Jiangyin City.

7000 years of human life history, 5000 years of civilization history, 3800 years of city building history, 2500 years of written records history, and more than 1700 years of organizational history. Jiangyin, with a long history, has become the leader of urban economy after thousands of years of development and accumulation. It is known as the first county in China's capital, and has ranked first among the top 100 county economies for 13 consecutive years

the strong performance in the fields of economy and humanities can not be separated from the rapid development of Jiangyin government informatization. In order to establish a platform that better meets the needs of social development, Jiangyin municipal government informatization PPP project came into being. It is also a key project of Jiangyin municipal government in 2016, including government affairs cloud, public security cloud, finance cloud and social security cloud

ppp mode accelerates Jiangyin municipal government to move towards the cloud

in 2016, Jiangyin municipal government launched the PPP project of government informatization, hoping to fully adopt cloud computing to achieve strong support for the transformation of government functions. Jiangyin municipal government applies the PPP mode to the IT informatization field, introduces social capital, and hands over the construction, operation and maintenance, and optimization of government informatization to a third party. Relevant government agencies implement supervision, which not only saves financial expenditure, but also enables professionals to do professional things. As a new investment and financing mode, this cooperation mode between government and social capital has been vigorously promoted by local governments. PPP has become a booster, converter and accelerator for local governments to implement the five development concepts proposed in the 13th five year plan

the construction goal of Jiangyin government affairs cloud platform is to gradually realize the migration of existing systems and the deployment of new systems through the construction of a unified government affairs information system business support platform in the city, carry the business systems of various departments in the city and cross departmental information and data exchange, and meet the needs of new business systems in the future. Government affairs cloud, public security cloud, finance sub cloud and social security sub cloud are the core of Jiangyin municipal government informatization project, and also the basis for the upper business to make a good standard application and service delivery for the experimental machine. Through the construction of four clouds and two sub clouds, Jiangyin municipal government will further improve its governance capacity, public service capacity and administrative management capacity, and comprehensively realize smart government affairs, smart people's livelihood and smart industry in mini convertible cars

professionals do professional work

the four clouds in Jiangyin City contain complete solutions such as IAAs, dbaas, security service chain and a full range of products. Therefore, this project requires a partner with years of experience in cloud computing, servers, networks and other fields. As the first brand of China's political cloud, Xinhua group 3 is undoubtedly the best choice, The place with the first domestic market share of its super fusion products and the first market share of server virtualization products among domestic brands can also carry out dynamic experiments such as impact and fatigue, which has been proven by the market for a long time

Xinhua three cloud computing

Xinhua three cloud computing has selected openstack as the infrastructure since the product pre research stage. The selection of this general direction has ensured the flexibility, openness, autonomy and controllability of the infrastructure of Jiangyin government informatization PPP project. The government affairs cloud platform based on openstack supports the deployment and delivery of cloud resources such as virtual machine, cloud network, cloud security, cloud storage, cloud application, cloud database and big data on the same cloud platform. Users can easily apply for all required cloud resources like using traditional hardware resources, and truly meet the on-demand delivery needs of Jiangyin government users' software and hardware resources

the construction of such a large-scale cloud platform must involve many original business migration work, which is also the focus of Jiangyin municipal government. In this regard, Xinhua 3 provides the tenants of the Commission Office with strong operation and maintenance ability with the visual arrangement of the virtual data center VDC function, providing users with a flexible and dragging operation interface, and realizing the real-time deployment and adjustment of cloud resources; For tenants with weak operation and maintenance ability, the cloud information center can carry out unified operation and maintenance to save operation and maintenance costs

in the face of the business development needs of Jiangyin municipal government in the future, Xinhua 3's strategy is standard products + customized delivery. In the product development stage, the standard products are modularized, the components are decoupled, open APIs are provided, and customized integrated development services of Xinhua 3's standard products and third-party products are provided in the delivery stage. This model not only enables Jiangyin municipal government to quickly adapt to the new platform, but also ensures the agility and efficiency of the entire platform

the river surges, just like the city's never-ending pace of reform and development. It is located in the Yin of the river and is named Jiangyin City. It has explored a new delivery mode for private cloud and smart city construction in the government industry. With the successful application of Jiangyin government cloud PPP construction mode, it can be predicted that the government informatization of new Jiangyin will move towards a new milestone

Xinhua 3 group (hereinafter referred to as Xinhua 3) is the world's leading leader in new IT solutions. It is committed to the R & D, production, consulting, sales and services of new IT solutions and products. It has a full range of H3C brand products such as networks, servers, storage, security, hyper fusion systems and it management systems, and can provide one-stop and all-round IT solutions including big Internet, big security, cloud computing, big data and it consulting services. At the same time, Xinhua San is also the exclusive provider of HPE brand servers, storage and technical services in China

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