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At present, China's domestic economy is accelerating and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. With the increasing homogeneity of products, the competitive goal of enterprises has shifted from pure product competition to supply chain competition, and the concerns of enterprises have also expanded from simple sales to all links of purchase, sales and storage. In order to meet the needs of customers, the logistics concept of planning, implementing and controlling to improve the flow and storage efficiency of raw materials, products and related information from supply to consumption is attracting the attention of enterprises

for small and medium-sized enterprises, due to the limitation of funds, their ability to resist the storm is low, and there can be no big mistakes, and their turnover can not be blocked. Especially for a new product, because the market has not been fully developed and the price fluctuation is relatively large, logistics management is of great significance

first of all, there is a strong demand for rare earth permanent magnet materials. Logistics management is a necessary condition to ensure the continuous production and operation of enterprises. The production and operation activities of the enterprise last week were manifested in the inflow, transformation and outflow of material materials. Once a certain link cannot obtain the required materials in time, production will be difficult to carry out, and the normal order of business activities of the enterprise will be disturbed

secondly, logistics management determines the sales situation and market share of enterprises. How many varieties and quantities of material products an enterprise can provide at what price determines its ability to meet the needs of consumers. This ability is the key to determine the sales volume and market share of the enterprise

thirdly, the level of enterprise cost is largely affected by the level of logistics management. On the one hand, the level of material purchase and sales determines the level of raw material cost, purchase cost and sales cost to some extent; On the other hand, the processes of distribution, transportation, storage, loading and unloading directly affect the operating expenses of enterprises

it can be seen that good logistics management can not only help enterprises achieve production cost advantages and value advantages, but also a powerful tool for competitive marketing. By improving the logistics management, the company has reduced the cost, and the saved funds can be used in product research and development, service improvement and other aspects to obtain better economic benefits. Many small enterprises, small supermarkets and small wholesalers have realized this. However, due to the limited understanding of management, they are faced with many practical problems in actual operation:

no one is in charge -- there are no full-time accountants, cashiers and warehouse keepers. They just simply record cash receipts and payments, the keyword dictionary corresponding to the search engine for goods in and out of Beijing, and the arrears

can't manage -- lack of professional knowledge and experience, resulting in re recording, omission, confusion of accounts and unclear payment for goods

poor management ―― the warehouse keeper and the cashier each manage one share of the two accounts. The accounts are disjointed, the inventory is overstocked, and the capital operation is not effective

logistics management system - the solution

how to help small and medium-sized enterprises free themselves from complicated accounting management? Logistics management system based on e-commerce came into being

logistics management is a strategic management process. The scope of logistics management runs through the whole process from raw material management to the provision of final products. It is a systematic management process, by coordinating the flow of materials and information among the market, enterprises and suppliers, so as to meet the needs of customers. In this sense, logistics management is a whole concept. As an emerging business, modern logistics management has become the key for enterprises to strive for market survival space with its cross regional action mode and the characteristics of mobility, flexibility and rapidity. This coincides with the characteristics that e-commerce is not limited by space and region, making e-commerce a hot spot in the application of reserve technology in enterprise management. The combination of modern logistics management and e-commerce is the foundation of realizing networked logistics management

the informatization and systematization of logistics management can be more and more valued by Chinese enterprises starting from one production line. Practice has proved that logistics has a profound impact on the success or failure of the whole marketing process and the growth of e-commerce. How can the bosses of small and medium-sized enterprises establish a higher awareness of logistics cost control? How to change logistics? How to play the role of logistics in the company's operation? A series of problems such as how to improve the logistics management level from a lower starting point are urgent problems for small and medium-sized enterprises. (end)

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