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New products of domestic carton board urgently need to keep pace with the new demand

in recent years, the demand of domestic carton board market has increased. At the same time, foreign-funded enterprises that are optimistic about this market have invested and built factories. The large scale and rapid development have become a highlight of the carton board industry. In addition, domestic carton board enterprises have expanded their production scale, and the market supply and demand situation has changed

after entering 2002 and compiling equipment operating procedures and original experimental records, the market was still weak and the market fell. From the analysis of the situation at that time, the continuous decline in the price of waste paper and wood pulp in the international market in the early stage is a factor affecting the market price of carton board

at present, the price of wood pulp has begun to rise, the price of waste paper has also risen sharply, and the price of carton board in the international market has also increased. However, the price of most domestic varieties of carton board has little room to rise, and the current situation of oversupply has not changed at all, thus reducing the driving force of price rise

from the perspective of development trend, at present, there are all kinds of high, medium and low-grade products in the carton board market. The market share is basically divided into three pillars: imported products, foreign-funded enterprise products and domestic products. Each grade has different uses, which can be described as its own place

despite the temporary imbalance between supply and demand in the carton board market recently, the development prospect of China's carton board market is still promising. As a packaging material, the domestic carton board market still shows an unreasonable variety structure. The demand for white faced cow cards, low weight cow cards and single-chip computer unit cards connected with amplifiers is rising. Therefore, to further speed up the production of high-quality Kraft linerboard to replace imports will be a way to balance the carton paperboard Market

in view of the current market situation, on the one hand, domestic carton board enterprises should segment the market according to their own characteristics, produce products with their own characteristics, meet the different needs of consumers, work hard to improve quality and reduce costs, increase technical content, and obtain comparative advantages; On the other hand, we should make great efforts in the after-sales service, win the trust of customers with high-quality service quality, firmly ensure that these information is fed back to the technical director, hold their own market share, and open up a world in the fierce market competition

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