Why did the post-80s and post-90s love new Chinese

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Why do the post-80s and 90s love new Chinese home furnishings? How good is the new Chinese style home? Melon eaters, please go and have a look with Easley home

new Chinese style furniture integrates the charm of antiquity into modern simple furniture, which not only retains the grandeur of classicism, but also complements modern aesthetics, so it is loved by many young people who are familiar with Chinese culture

how good is the new Chinese style home

people who eat melons continue to look down

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customization of new Chinese living room

the whole living room is atmospheric and simple, and Chinese elements penetrate into many details. The construction of the overall TV cabinet conveys a low-key, light luxury and the simplicity of Chinese aesthetics

customization of new Chinese style porch

new Chinese style porch reveals elegant aesthetic taste. The modern combination design cabinet has orderly height and complete functions, so that you can feel the warmth of home at the moment you enter the door

new Chinese restaurant customization

use the space limited blank space and integrate infinite creativity. The whole restaurant chooses Chinese table and chair combination. The chandelier inherits the characteristics of Chinese tradition and has a fresh and flexible charm. The SIDEBOARD CABINET expresses the symbiosis of art and life

New Chinese kitchen customization

the design of new Chinese kitchen is not limited to traditional Chinese elements, but integrates modern characteristics while inheriting traditional Chinese culture, expressing the host's inheritance of Chinese traditional culture and the pursuit of new fashion spiritual realm

new Chinese master bedroom customization

the color of the master bedroom wardrobe is more elegant, low-key and calm. At the same time, the wardrobe is deeply packed with rich storage. Although it is simple, it is extremely atmospheric, clean and comfortable, and different

new Chinese style secondary bedroom customization

new Chinese style secondary bedroom, as a classical interpretation under the modern background, makes the whole space present elegant and fashionable characteristics by taking its charm without putting its shape. Let you put down your body and mind and enjoy the slow pace of life

new Chinese tatami customization

the master's study has been made into tatami, revealing a simple, leisurely and pleasant atmosphere. Maximize the use of corner space to place books and ornaments. Tatami is made by leaning against the window, and the light pours down. When you are in it, your mood is bright

Buddha said, "one side, one pure land, one mind, one purity." Tasting Zen is ethereal, listening to fingers and singing, disturbing the noise of the city without disturbing me

when designers conceive new Chinese furniture, they are more concerned with your inner things, integrate the charm of Chinese civilization into the design of modern life, make the design return to the original, and make the furniture purer and more humane

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