280 square meters spire duplex classical decoratio

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This case is a simple European style duplex building mixed with gorgeous classical flavor. Designer Yuan Ye, nicknamed knife, boldly combines the two in his creation, and the transition between styles is very natural and aesthetic. Make full use of lines and pure wood technology to highlight the simple European style, and use wallpaper and other elements to show classical beauty, inadvertently integrating modern fashion. Seemingly complex, in fact, there are some chapters to follow

the TV background wall adopts European classical pattern wallpaper, surrounded by mirrors, which is simple and practical. In the selection of other items, corduroy fabric, solid wood carved sofa, carpet, etc. all interpret the design theme &mdash& mdash; European classic, gorgeous and romantic

the prosperity of wallpaper is used by Chinese and Western classical and pastoral styles; Arches and blue are prominent symbols of Mediterranean style; Modern simplicity is common to black, white, gray and other neutral colors; Corduroy is very court temperament; Chinese classicism is indispensable “ Old ” Solid wood




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