Magnificent American style home decoration

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Case 1: American Pastoral return to natural tranquility

editor's comment: full of pastoral atmosphere, natural and elegant, people feel the pleasure from the heart. The open space structure, the flowers and green grass everywhere, and the European furniture with elegant cloth art of various colors create an idyllic atmosphere

editor's comments: the balcony is a good place for people to change their mood and relax completely and comfortably. A cup of coffee and a book in winter make people feel happy in the warm sunshine. Environmental friendly and pollution-free rattan furniture has more natural charm of returning to nature. Coupled with white cloth cushion, this balcony is designed to restore the natural style of nature, which has become a new choice for many people to return to nature

editor's comments: among the Nordic styles, especially the pastoral style is favored by people, and the design of the living room with the theme of rural pastoral flavor is also popular with young people. After working outside for a whole day, you should very much hope to have a relaxing environment. The fashionable white sofa sitting in the living room adds a simple taste to the living room, makes the home full of pastoral atmosphere, and highlights the unique European style and big family style

editor's comment: overall impression of restaurant and open kitchen: full of green. The green walls make people feel like they are in the forest sea. The dining tables and chairs in the color of logs reflect the color of the whole restaurant, with a unique European restaurant style

editor's comments: the luxurious and vain pseudo European style has been regarded as out of date. The extremely simple style is too impersonal. When the tired body and mind become more and more attached to home, the pastoral style living room design has become one of the fashions pursued by urbanites. The decors of pastoral style cloth sofa and solid wood tea table give people a strong flavor of nature

case 2: noble spirit in classical European luxury

editor's comments: the decoration style of classical European style has always been based on gorgeous decoration and strong colors. The decoration of this living room is based on Romanticism, using bright color contrast to highlight the theme style of the living room. The combination and collocation of white sofa and heavy color window decorations makes the design simple and gorgeous, elegant and not noble

editor's comments: simple window decorations and light colors seem to be the opposite of the definition of classical European style, but such a space does not need luxury, and such a living room design is more noble, solemn and atmospheric

editor's comments: the classical European series home decoration style scheme, its living room is not only luxurious, but also simple and romantic. Through the details of decoration, it brings different European styles to the family. Simple tone furniture makes the living room elegant and rich, with a strong European color of the classical style living room

editor's comments: the sofa background wall takes golden yellow as the wall color, matched with log colored furniture, with a typical European classical style living room. The sofa and coffee table follow the style in shape and color, making the living room magnificent

editor's comments: the use of classical decorations in the design of the classical European style living room adds a classical charm to the living room. The elegant sofa, exquisite decorations, exquisite clock and unique desk lamp make the style of the whole living room luxurious and rich, full of strong classical flavor and magnificent effect

case 3: the timeless classic of traditional European style editor's comments: the ceiling plays a very important role in the decoration of the whole room. Proper decoration of the top surface of the room can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also create a rich and colorful artistic image of the indoor space. The general living room ceiling is made of gypsum board, plywood or other materials. Compared with other designs, this living room ceiling design is different, a little similar to our ancient Chinese yurts, but it is not divorced from the traditional European style decoration design

editor's comments: the whole flower cluster and the sofa with light tone background are the representatives of European pastoral style, which can make people feel clear about the design style at the first glance. The collocation of combined sofa has a full sense of space on the whole, and the tassels on the armrest pad make it more soft

editor's comments: the rich green wall color wraps the whole living room, and the dark leather sofa annotates the delicate artistic language, forming the transformation and integration between the traditional European style and nature, and flowing artistic and cultural charm

editor's comments: among the traditional European styles, the pastoral style has become the best. It pays more attention to the performance of natural flavor and the perfect pursuit of high-quality environment. The light colors make people feel fresh and simple. With gorgeous window decorations, the living room is elegant and elegant

editor's comments: the traditional European style is to highlight the sense of space and three-dimensional sense. The decoration design generally adopts relatively heavy colors as the main body, with simple and pure color furniture, which makes people feel simple and not flashy. It is decorated with a little nostalgic soft decoration, so that the whole living room has a traditional charm and is unique




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