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Behind the "general increase" in air conditioning sales, it reflects the transformation of enterprise model to obtain living space. The hot weather in recent days has made the domestic air conditioning market "warm up". Gree, Midea and Haier have different operation strategies. Variable frequency air conditioners have been popularized in the tertiary and tertiary markets. This year, Xu anlimu is the Chief Strategic Officer of 5 elder brother seeking explosive growth. In addition, the new demand in the urban market and the drive of the suburban market driven by urbanization are also the reasons for the sales growth

the hot weather in the north and south for days has heated up the domestic air conditioning market, which depends on the weather. According to the data of Aowei consulting, the monthly sales volume of air conditioners this year was 11.106 million units, a year-on-year increase of 5.8%, and the sales volume was 51.63 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.1%

for the stable performance of the air conditioning market, Wang Liangliang, deputy director of Aowei consulting research, analyzed to China's home appliances that last year, the air conditioning enterprises focused on clearing inventory, and the air conditioning market experienced three sales peaks, which led to the low inventory this year, and the channels began to replenish goods in advance, putting pressure on the terminals. Therefore, the increase in terminal sales was related to the manufacturers' early promotion. In addition, the hot weather is also very awesome

the operation strategies of the three first-line brands are different.

it is learned that the overall sales performance of air-conditioning enterprises in recent months has been relatively stable. According to Ovi data, sales of Gree, Midea and Haier in the first-line camp have increased. Gree still ranks first with a market share of about 30%; In 2013, Midea's domestic market share was 20.3%, while in 2014, the market share had increased to 25.6%; Haier's share remained at about 15%, but the highlight of Haier's air conditioning growth was online

the terminal data of the three enterprises in the front-line camp reflect the same market strategy with a minimum space of 600mm. For Gree, dongmingzhu, the chairman of Gree, has to go all out to maintain the posture of being the leader of air conditioners. Since this year, the outside world has also seen that Gree is quite open in the sales channel. Its re cooperation with chain channels and its preference for e-commerce channels have confirmed the importance Gree attaches to sales

however, there is still little controversy about Wang Geli's failure to develop a platform for sharing new material resources in the terminal market and start to implement it. A sales person in charge of an air-conditioning brand in Jiangsu disclosed to China's home appliances that the problem of fleeing goods at the terminal of Gree air-conditioners has been serious since the oil pipe installation of a hydraulic universal testing machine. Dealers sell dog meat with sheep's heads, and Gree does not control it. However, Wang Liangliang said that Gree has strict price control, and fleeing goods may be a rare phenomenon

comparatively speaking, Midea air conditioner, under the implementation of the boutique strategy, has more refined management of retail terminals this year. From the high-quality product sampling to the fine store display, and then to help promote the sales of dealers, the fine root and fine management method with profit as the performance assessment has enabled Midea air conditioner to enter a benign growth period from the early operation recovery period

the highlight of Haier air conditioner this year is online. Haier applies the Internet thinking to the transformation of air conditioning business model. It is learned that since this year, the new product promotion form of Haier air conditioner has started from the online, and then spread to the offline after a period of promotion and product improvement. Haier's flagship products such as Tianzun air conditioner have also adopted this promotion method. This has also promoted Haier's online sales of air conditioners. According to the data of Ovi consulting, Haier ranked first with its online sales accounting for 15%

the second and third tier brands have gained living space in the explosion of demand in the third and fourth tier markets

in the relatively optimistic market environment, the second and third tier air conditioning brands have also achieved sales growth

Cheng Hongwen, deputy general manager of sales of Xinke electric appliance, told China home appliances that the sales volume of Xinke air conditioner in April had doubled on the basis of last year. So far, the annual sales target of 700000 sets of air conditioners has been more than half completed, and the annual sales volume is expected to be about 800000 sets. The newly launched four new types of variable frequency air conditioners in the two series of supreme and Zhibo have greatly stimulated the confidence of dealers. Because variable frequency air conditioners have become popular in the tertiary and tertiary markets, such as Shandong, Henan and Hebei, the proportion of variable frequency air conditioners has reached 60%-70% in some markets, and 90% in some places

therefore, according to chenghongwen, in the second half of the year, Xinke will also launch frequency conversion cabinet machines, which have been invested in the mold

Xinke air conditioner has grown to more than 200 channels. According to chenghongwen, by the end of May, more than 70 new channels could cover Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Guangzhou, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei and other markets

as for the reasons for the growth, chenghongwen said that on the one hand, Xinke air conditioner has made heavy investment in products, channels, after-sales and quality control in the market growth stage, and on the other hand, it has benefited from the explosive growth of demand in the tertiary and tertiary markets this year, especially in Beijing, Hebei and other markets. In addition, the new demand in the urban market and the drive of the suburban market driven by urbanization are also the reasons for the sales growth

however, while the market and enterprises are increasing, opportunism still exists. Chinese household electrical appliances learned that there are non brand air-conditioning enterprises that make fast money, and they will sell air-conditioners through OEM production of second and third tier brands. Such non brand enterprises have an explosive mentality of working for several years and selling several pieces, but often the product performance, quality and after-sales cannot be guaranteed

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