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AI chain technology artificial intelligence technology conference was grandly held

AI chain technology artificial intelligence technology conference was grandly held! AI links everyone on the chain

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original title: AI chain technology AI technology conference was grandly held! AI links everyone on the chain

AI chain technology AI technology conference was grandly held! On August 29, 2018, AI chain technology artificial intelligence technology conference with the theme of "Ai service on blockchain" was successfully held in Hilton Nanhai Hotel, Shekou, Shenzhen. The event was hosted by AI Chain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ai chain technology") and co organized by Singapore gnai foundation

at the beginning of the event, the sponsor emphasized that blockchain and artificial intelligence are two revolutionary technologies in parallel at the same time. The combination of AI chain technology and blockchain links with each other in the way of "motivation", with the vision of "linking everyone". At the same time, the sponsor proposed "connect the world": to promote the development of human society on the basis of science and technology

zhuyouping, a scholar of the national information center and a blockchain economist, divided the blockchain into five blocks: 1 Distributed ledger 2 Collective consensus maintenance 3 Asymmetric encryption 4 At the same time, the point can conduct experiments and data processing according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and various standards provided by users. 5 Smart contract. He pointed out that blockchain can solve the following social pain points: 1 Go to the center, antitrust 2 Go to an intermediary, no intermediary makes a price difference of 3 Anti counterfeiting and tampering, eliminating the false and preserving the true. In addition, he believes that credit machines, token incentives and co governance organizations are the core values of chain reform

rct studio's teacher wuxiankun introduced the composition of encryption economics with the theme of "blockchain token economy transformation": blockchain = market design + token (blockchain=block+cha the green manufacturing level of relevant enterprises has been greatly improved in=data structure economics). He pointed out that the role of "issuing money" is to promote economic liquidity. "The more fully a region's ideological capital flows and the more efficient the allocation of resources, the more prosperous the region will be," he concluded. At the same time, he proposed that the transformation of traditional enterprises by blockchain can be divided into two steps - step1: currency reform - certificated, electronic and digital; Step 2: token economy transformation and decentralized cooperation

the application of artificial intelligence based on big data has a long history. Mr. Chang Xiaojun of Carnegie Mellon University in the United States combed it and introduced seven application fields of artificial intelligence: ASR speech recognition, TTS speech synthesis, intelligent tampering and speech recognition application, image recognition, sports video scene recognition, real-time video analysis, and intelligent transportation

Mr. Xu introduced the application of machine learning and blockchain in enterprise data marketing. He believed that for the full life cycle management of enterprise customers, each stage should be divided: import period (customer import) - development and first-rate asset base extension (customer transformation) - maturity period (customer mining) - recession period (early warning of lost customers) - high period (wake-up of sleeping customers)

at the end of the conference, the sponsor further elaborated on the characteristics of artificial intelligence and blockchain, and pointed out that the on chain artificial intelligence combined with the two has the advantages of openness, decentralization, transparent black box and intelligence. The conference fully demonstrated the goal of building "on chain artificial intelligence" and explained the importance of blockchain and artificial intelligence

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