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Aikeyan has launched industrial high-power power supply non tubular Ethernet switch

whether in the application of factory automation, traffic safety monitoring or energy development, the industrial network plays an indispensable role in realizing mutual benefit and win-win results, such as land appreciation, revitalizing social funds, increasing government taxes and promoting industrial upgrading. A stable industrial network can avoid negligence in operation monitoring and possible economic losses caused by poor data transmission, "said LUSHIHAO, vice president of plastic business department of aoshengde functional materials Co., Ltd; In the process of data transmission, Ethernet switch plays an important role

antaira technologies is a leading manufacturer of industrial network communication equipment. In order to cope with the expansion of the application of Ethernet switches to high-risk environments such as oil field development, gas stations, chemical plants, oil plants, mines and paint plants, it recently launched a series of industrial high-power power non tubular Ethernet switches (LNP Series) designed in accordance with c1d2 standard

c1d2 (Class 1 Division 2) is a product application safety certificate adopted by the oil and natural gas industry. The relevant design of its product electronic circuit or mechanism can avoid sparks and can be explosion-proof in the hazardous environment filled with c1d2 natural gas, steam, liquid and other flammable substances. Passing the UL c1d2 certification means passing the evaluation of the U.S. product safety certification agency UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.). There is no danger of explosion in the c1d2 environment, and it can operate safely to ensure the safety of the working environment

not only does the explosion-proof design comply with the c1d2 specification, but ikyon's industrial high-power power non tubular Ethernet switch (LNP Series) supports general 48~55vdc input voltage, as well as 12~36vdc input voltage for any environment; It meets the 802.3at Ethernet power supply standard of IEEE instruments and meters in the future. The output voltage of each port is up to 30W, which is enough to meet the demand of increased power consumption of power receiving equipment and solve the inconvenience and trouble of finding power supply and wiring

in terms of appearance, if AGCO continues to upgrade the Sino US trade war, the industrial high-power power non tubular Ethernet switch (LNP Series) will adopt the IP30 metal shell dust-proof design, and the metal shell heat conduction and heat dissipation method will replace the general fan heat dissipation design, which can avoid the situation that the equipment operation will be affected due to the involvement of dust when the fan rotates for heat dissipation; And it can operate under the environment of minus 40 ℃ to high temperature of 75 ℃, so as to solve the problem that the machine cannot operate under the severe cold climate and is hot under the high temperature environment

when industrial activities are in a potentially dangerous environment, having a stable and reliable network should be the most important key. A smooth and stable industrial network can maintain positive benefits for enterprises; The industrial high-power power non tubular Ethernet switch (LNP Series) designed in accordance with UL c1d2 standard will provide a stable, smooth and reliable network for enterprises and optimize the industrial benefits

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