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Aikefa printing art IPEX shows the latest wide width UV inkjet equipment

the brand-new inkjet system can approach the photo realistic quality, the variable ink drop printing speed can reach 110 square meters per hour, and the equipment structure reaches the industrial level

Agfa's printing art publicity published the latest Jeti 1224 UV HDC inkjet printer when using 30 pressure testing machine. The first public display in Europe will be the 2010 IPEX exhibition in Birmingham, England (may 18-25). This device made its world debut at the American billboard exhibition in Orlando, Florida in April2010. Jeti 1224 UV HDC is the first inkjet machine released after Agfa acquired Jeti products, showing the common R & D achievements of AGFA and Jeti teams

jeti 1224 UV HDC (hdc= high definition color) inkjet machine is characterized by its wide color gamut performance, the highest production capacity among products of the same grade, high-resolution quality performance, sharp small text performance and bright and lifelike color performance

the solid steel equipment platform is specially designed for three shift operation. Jeti 1224 UV HDC is characterized by its unique linear motor driven suction platform, which can achieve a very accurate position of ink-jet point. It can achieve a very accurate ink-jet point in either the lithography mode or the roll to roll (optional) mode. The structure of the platform can be printed on any printing medium with a flat surface and a thickness of less than 5cm. In addition, its equipment structure has reached the industrial level, which can meet the requirements of high smoothness, transparency and high precision for medical blood test tubes. The load-bearing capacity of roll material can reach 110kg

jeti 1224 UV HDC uses the most advanced variable ink drop nozzle technology, four-color plus white ink, with a resolution of 1200dpi, and a production capacity of 110 square meters per hour. The highest pigment concentration can be achieved by using anuvia HD ink in combination with standard four colors. The minimum ink drop is 8pl. The ink consumption of Jeti 1224 UV HDC is less than 7.6 ml per square meter, and 140 m2 per liter of ink can be sprayed

Richard Barham, vice president of AGFA printing inkjet equipment, said: Agfa is always looking for new ways to increase the printing speed of inkjet equipment, improve quality and reduce production costs. The latest Jeti 1224uv HDC system, combined with anuvia HD ink, provides high production capacity and wide color gamut performance. Besides, it has the lowest ink cost among the models of the same grade, increasing profits for our customers

the energy used accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. Jeti 1224 UV HDC is suitable for high-quality exhibition posters, POS (point of sale) displays, real estate billboards, lamp advertisements, three-dimensional advertisements (raster plate spray printing), and high-resolution banner advertisements. The original balanced bridge loses its balanced output, a voltage signal output proportional to deformation, as well as various flat-panel inkjet applications such as tiles and boards

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