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The sixth listed packaging and printing enterprise was born during the year. Release date: Source: Carton micro view times: 2903 copyright and disclaimer. Core tip: on the evening of December 23, the announcement on the results of the 59th review meeting of the municipal Party committee in 2020 on the growth enterprise market released by officials of Shenzhen Stock Exchange showed that, On the evening of December 23, the announcement on the results of the 59th review meeting of the municipal Party Committee on the gem in 2020 issued by the officials of Shenzhen Stock Exchange showed that the initial public offering of Shanghai AILU Packaging Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AILU shares") met the issuance conditions, listing conditions and information disclosure requirements

this means that the sixth newly listed packaging and printing enterprise was born in 2020

according to the data, AILU packaging is one of the few domestic enterprises that have mastered the core technologies of high-quality industrial paper packaging products and composite plastic packaging products from the website of the post office, and has strong technology research and development capabilities. As a "high-tech enterprise in Shanghai", the company has been successively rated as "Shanghai recognized industry technology center", "Jinshan enterprise technology center", "Jinshan patent work pilot unit" and "Shanghai Science and technology little giant enterprise"

according to the data, up to now, the company has obtained 115 patents, including 20 invention patents, 95 utility model patents and design patents. The company's technical advantages provide strong support for the company to maintain its leading position in the paper packaging industry, ensure that it can quickly launch new products according to market demand, improve the added value of products, and enhance the company's bargaining power

1 implementation of a series of policies

at present, the company serves more than 400 customers, mainly the world's top 500 and industry leaders. With its excellent management system, advanced and intelligent production capacity, clean environment conforming to food grade and GMP standards, long-term and stable quality control ability, and the ability to provide integrated packaging solutions, AILU has established a good market reputation and brand influence in the industry within hours of startup. The recognition of leading enterprises at home and abroad further proves that the technical level, product quality and comprehensive service capability of AILU shares have reached the leading level at home and abroad

the funds raised by the company are mainly invested in the "expansion project of industrial environmental protection paper packaging production base", "technical transformation project of composite environmental protection packaging new material production line" and "smart factory informatization upgrading and transformation project", etc. With the completion of the raised investment project, it will further improve the production capacity of the packaging products of the company, further enrich the product structure, and improve the automation production level, laying the foundation for the future market share and competitive strength of the company

with the success of AI Lu, the number of packaging and printing enterprises listed this year has reached six! The previous five were:

longlide Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which focused on the industrialization development of new materials and new technologies and market utilization and was listed on the gem on September 10,

Guangdong Tianyuan Industrial Group Co., Ltd., which was listed on the SME board on September 21,

Jinfu Technology Co., Ltd., which was listed on the SME board on November 6,

HANGHUA Ink Co., Ltd., which was listed on December 11,

forest Packaging Group Co., Ltd. listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 22

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